Congratualtions to our hip hop students receiveing FULL marks 100% in recent DanceNZmade performance levels for Hip Hop

Hunter Cranfield, MIla Futschek, Tasmin Murphy, Casey Knights- Johnston, Sophie Walsh.

Dance Out Loud Showcase  Dec. 2017   EMOTIONZ

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DanceNZmade Performance Levels     
Mr Dean Mckerras comes to our studio each year, adjudicating the students in Jazz and Hip Hop levels and also running an open workshop for all ages including adults.   The students very musch look forward to performing for him and recieveing feedback, medals and certificates for their efforts.
A large number of Dance Out Loud students were part of the talented cast of SOAR.
These dancers went through an audition process in March and then intensive twice weekly rehearsal for 10 weeks leading up to this professional and dynamic showcase of song and dance.
This is an annual event that dancers can aspire to be a part of as an extension to their regular dance training, gaining valuable performance experience.
NZ DANCE AWARDS  June 2018 Christchurch

1st   Hunter Cranfield  10 yrs Contemporrary Solo
1st   Thea Erichsen       15 yrs Lyrical Solo
2nd  Hunter Cranfield  10 yrs Hip Hop Solo
3rd   Maya & Thea Erichsen   Jazz Duo
3rd   HUnter & Estelle  Hip Hop Duo

Congratulations also to Madison Cooper, Lucy Fenton, Sophie Walsh,Abi Croft, Ashley Rasmussen who also competed and recieved awards for their efforts.

Thea erichsen & Abi Croft also attended the Musical Theatre Awards for their age groups.

South Island Dance Exchange   Wanaka March 2016

A weekend of dance  worksshops and inspiration by leading tutors.  An opportunity for all of our dancers to come together as a dance community and learn 4 different styles of dance over a weekend.   We display the content learnt on the sunday evening for friends and family on the stage at the Lake Wanaka Centre and on the Saturday evening there is a dance competition.

2018 Exchange was a fantastic event!   
Check out the achievements of our students over the weekend.

Advanced Scholarship Award of $ 200 -  Thea Erichsen

Elementary Duo Champions  -  Hunter Cranfield & Maya Erichsen
2nd Place  Elementary Duo   -   Mila Culpitt & Isla Taylor

Advanced Duo Champions -  Maya & Thea Erichsen

Teams Champions -     Wing$ routine    Hip Hop/ Lyrical/ Ballet  -   Dance Out Loud
2nd Place Teams   -      Like I'm going to lose you routine   Lyrical   Dance Out Loud
3rd place Teams  -        Brim routine  -  Contemporary                       Dance Out Loud

Overall champions- Highest scoring item of competition -  Wing$  Dance Out Loud