Jazz Dance 
Jazz dance is dynamic and powerful.  With it´s technical foundations in ballet styled exercies, jazz is danced to popular music and is both very athletic and very graceful.  
We teach the styles of snappy upbeat jazz, lyrical and musical theatre all within the Jazz syllabi of steps.
We teach a vareity of syllabus work to ensure our dancers become verstile, strong all round dancers.   Within the junior jazz classes we teach the DanceNZmade performance levels for Jazz and for the more aspiring dancer the GDQ, Global Dance Qualification in Jazz.                                  There are opportunities for sitting exams or you can just participate in class and not sit the exams.                                                                              As the dancers progress, it proves to be very beneficial to have a goal to work towards in the pursuit of improving  dance ability, strength and flexibility and performance.
Hip Hop
Hip Hop is energetic, bold and very rhythmical.   A good place to start for someone who is starting dance as a teenager or adult as the steps do not have a technical requirement, hip hop is all about attitude and being able to use expression through your body movements.  We have a strong culture of energetic and powerful hip hop at our studio.

Contemporary dance is moving using momentum and solid grounding of your body. This form of dance is very free, allows for a lot of expression and is a full body workout.    This is also a good entry level class, as the movements are all done in parallel, not requiring any classical training.  Nina, our fabulous and experienced congtemporary teacher is seeing great progress in the contemporary styles of our dancers.

A fun and engagingclass for those in more senior years, that love moving to music. 
The atmosphere is encouraging and the steps easy to follow and gentle on the hips and knees.  We have 3 classes running weekly and this 45 minute class is really good fun & a great way to get some exercise in disguise!

Lil´Stars Preschool Dance Class
This 30 minute class is all about creative play to music.  From 2.5yrs the children learn to participate in a group environment, take direction, listen to the rhythms and the story in the music and move their bodies exploring co-ordination and balance.  These classes run in term time only.   Please ensure your child has a water bottle with them and arrive just on time, as they can easily get overwhelmed if at the studio too early or arriving after the class has started.  Parental superivision is required for this class.



30 minute class $ 10 per class plus Gst x the amount of weeks in the term.

45 minute class  $12 per class plus GST  x the amount of weeks in the term.

60 minute classes $14 per class plus GST x the amount of weeks in the term.

Adult Class  $ 15 per class plus GST x the amount of weeks in the term.

Invoices are sent out via email at the beginning of each term with payment requred within 14 days of recieving them. 
Families that have multiple dancers attending can pay their invoice off in 2 equal payments during the term.

By registering in the class, you are then taking a placement in that class and therfore are committed to  the tuition fees for the term.
No refunds are given for missed classes due to illness, school camp or family holidays.

IN the case of a prolonged injury ( more than 3 weeks) please make contact and we will carry your classes over for when you have recovered.